Product Description

Rismat Ares Mat Indoor Entrance Mats

Yarn type: Polyamide 6.6 monofilaments & Special nylon wire
Pile construction: High twist and heat set combination of mono and multi filaments
Pile construction: Tufted cut pile
Total Weight: Approx. 3.80kg/m²
Backing: PVC compound
Thickness: Approx. 9mm
Roll size: 200cm × 1800cm
Indoor air quality testing: Conform to GB 18401-2010, Doesn’t contain formaldehyde and decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes.

Ares, with its alternative rows of heavy-duty brushing, monofilament and absorbing fibers, it’s aunique and highly efficient product for using as a primary matting. Also it’s an ideal secondary matting as well due to functionality in absorbing dirt and moisture. Solution-dye, Ares was not faded easily, it retains colorful after long term using. Especially suitable for rainy and snowy day, to keep the floor clean and dry, prevent slipping accident.

Rismat Ares Mat Indoor Entrance Mats