Red Carpet Macau
Colorful non-woven red carpet, bring out the theme.
Non woven carpets are manufactured by a different process compared to Tufting and Weaving. Non woven carpets are made from Polypropylene Fibres. The fibres are formed into a web by Needle punching and then thermally bonded to form the carpet.

They are the cheapest form of carpet and not very long lasting and hence they are used in applications where the need is short or not much traffic for an extended period of time.
They are most commonly used for Automative applications, for short period usages like exhibition halls and foot-mats, etc.

They are available in latex backed form for direct usage or non latex backed form for thermal forming applications.

Non woven carpet general specifications, the length of 30-60 meters, mainly width: 2 meters.

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