Now we show the steps of installing window film by Single Method & Joint Method.

Cut the film according to the the window size.

Clean the window thoroughly and spray it with application solution (1:99;soap;water), use a squeegee to remove all contaminants to get a smooth surface.

Spray the entire glass surface with application solution.

Carefully peel the release liner back off.

Spray the exposed adhesive with application solution, then put the film on the window.

Spray the film surface with application solution.

Squeegee the entire window, start from the middle of the window, move vertically from top to bottom, then move horizontally from left to right, repeat the horizontal move to squeegee any excess solution.

Trim the edges of the film with a cutter.

Film Joint Method (For window size larger than standard film size)

Overlap the two films by 1.5cm, and use a cutter to cut out the middle part of the overlap area.

Remove the excess film, spray the film connection area with application solution, use a squeegee to squeeze out excessive solution from the film.