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The Benefits of Window Film in Macau

The Benefits of Window Film in Macau Make your home a more comfortable, safer and stylish place to live, with an easy to install residential window tint or patterned film. Window films are available in a range of grades and finishes, with each specially designed to be easy to install, long lasting, high performing and

Window Film Installation Procedures

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Now we show the steps of installing window film by Single Method & Joint Method. Cut the film according to the the window size. Clean the window thoroughly and spray it with application solution (1:99;soap;water), use a squeegee to remove all contaminants to get a smooth surface. Spray the entire

TakYin Carpet – The Superior Quality Mat Supplier of Macau

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Macau Matting System Solution As a supplier in mats over 30 years, we make superior quality using high technology method to ensure that all products become Day to Day Essentials in the cleaning system of buildings. Our matting system solution are widely appreciated by Macau hotels,

Macau Exhibition Red Carpet

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Red Carpet Macau Colorful non-woven red carpet, bring out the theme. Non woven carpets are manufactured by a different process compared to Tufting and Weaving. Non woven carpets are made from Polypropylene Fibres. The fibres are formed into a web by Needle punching and then thermally bonded to form the carpet. They are the

Always keep the carpet clean (By Tak Yin Carpet Macau)

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Carpet is easy to attract dust, dirt and animal hair, and mildew. Appropriate care for your carpet can prevent dust mites, fleas and carpet beetle stay. Read to learn carpet daily care, odor removal and deep cleansing information technology. Keep the floor clean and regular vacuuming. Buy a good vacuum cleaner, carpet fibers

Warm and comfortable carpet for cold weather

Like a shaggy carpet with the art of furniture components, not only in a variety of furniture among its prominent features and change the style appearance of the space, but also create a cozy, love the feeling of home, choose a variety of different patterns highlights personal style, can also reduce noise. In the fall