Product Description

Cero Plus

Cero Plus Entrance Mat is ideal for busy entrance ways and work areas. It will reduce surface wear and tear and provide a safe environment for your customers and staff. In addition, staff who spend long hours standing on their feet will thank you for providing mats that offer a softer alternative to the floor alleviating stress on backs, legs and feet. Cero Plus Entrance Mat features a non-slip semi rigid durable backing, making them safe on slippery surfaces. It is also anti-static which helps control damaging electrostatic charges to sensitive electronic equipment such as computers.

Technical Specifications
Material: Polyamide nylon 6.6
Roll size: 200cm × 1800cm
Pile Height: approx 9mm
Total Thickness: 10mm
Flame Retardant: BS4790

Cero Plus

Cero Plus1

Cero Plus2