Product Description

Welcome Roll Mat

  1. High-density polypropylene fiber bonded to PVC slip-resistant backing.
  2. Available for indoor entrances and hallways.
  3. Or be a temporary placement to welcome VIP。
  4. Roll up and stock easily for next times use.
  5. Dustproof materials scrape dirt effectively.Cleaning is easy.
  6. Avoid slipping.Increase the festive atmosphere.
  7. Prolect the floor from damaging.

Roll Size: 30m x 1.2m , 30m x 1.6m , 30m x 1.8m , 30m x 2.0m
Color: Charcoal, Bright Red, Grey, Russet Red
Can be equipped with stainless steel layering, fixed steel seat



Welcome Roll Mat迎宾灰色 (1)