Product Description

Cotton Mat

  1. 100% cotton mat Absorb water ,oil and grease exceptionally.
  2. Available for inside entrances in wet weather, restrooms, kitchens and other wet or greasy areas.
  3. 100% nitrile rubber backing is slip-resistant. Diamond-shaped or gripper patterns’ backing is slip-resistant.
  4. Durable rubber backing is heat-resistant, cold-resistant and resilient, withstands heat, cold and crushing.
  5. Prevents accidents. Minimum maintenance costs. Keep floor clean. Look stylish.
  6. Excellent absorption. Good wearability. Launder well.

Face: 100% Cotton
Thickness: 9mm
Weight: 1080g/sq.m.
Backing: Rubber
Backing Thickness: 2mm
Roll Size: 90cm x 60cm , 150cm x 90cm , 180cm x 120cm , 240cm x 120cm , 600cm x 120cm , 600cm x 150cm , 600cm x 180cm , 2000cm x 120cm , 2000cm x 150cm , 2000cm x 180cm.
Color: Red/Black, Brown/Black, Grey, Grey/Black, Dark Charcoal.
Border available for custom size

Milta cotton matMilta Cotton Mat