Product Description

Rismat Action Mat Plus Indoor Entrance Mats

Yarn type: High compound synthetic & Special wire
Pile construction: Tufted cut pile
Total Weight: Approx. 3.60kg/m²
Thickness: Approx. 9mm
Backing: PVC compound
Roll size: 120cm × 1800cm/200cm × 1800cm
Indoor air quality testing: Conform to GB 18401-2010, Doesn’t contain formaldehyde and decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes.

Action Mat Plus is a multi-functional mat which can be used in both rainy and sunny days. It is designed with excellent absorption properties and brushing monofilaments, and can effectively absorb moisture and remove dust with its excellent construction. It is not only suitable for the kitchen or food preparation areas, but for entrances and channels. Simple to maintain, once you use Action Mat Plus, you will find it the perfect multi-purpose mat for all needs.

Rismat Action Mat Plus Indoor Entrance Mats