Product Description

Skylight SR115

Protecting the indoor area of your home is necessary for many reasons. If you have kids in your home, it is important to protect their skin from the ultraviolet ray of sun. If you must work at home on computer, you need to get protection from anti-glare. You will need protection from the heat at summertime. Our residential solar window film can provide you the best solution for protecting your window from harmful rays and heat.

Total solar energy rejected 50%

Ultraviolet rejected 99%

Visible light transmittance 15%

Visible light rejected 8%

Skylight-SR115 Skylight-SR115_1 Skylight-SR115_2


You can take our service for solar window film installation service for several reasons. In the scorching heat of summer, it is important to protect the indoor area of your home and office. The solar window film upgrades the existing glazing and create a modern look to the indoor area. Apart from improving the glazing performance, a solar window tinting can also control the temperature of your home and also reduce the glare. It prevents overheating of your indoor space. It can also save energy and increase the efficiency of an indoor area.

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