Product Description


Excellent cost performance. Such as conference rooms, ideal for the space of a small number of people.

Surface: Polypropylene 100%
Dyeing method of yarn: Solution Dyed
Base fabric: Nonwoven Polyester
Backing: PVC and Glass Fiber
Size: 500mm x 500mm
Overall thickness: 6.0mm
Pile height: 3.0mm (loop pile)
Gauge: 1/10
Stitch: 14.0
Yarn weight (oz/sq.yd): 16.5
Packing: 20pcs/box = 5square meter/box
Net Weight: 22.0kg/box
Way of Installation: Quarter Turn


We have the following number of model:

GA4001, GA4007, GA4005, GA4018, GA4010, GA4022, GA4002, GA4017, GA4019, GA4009

GA4023, GA4003, GA4020, GA4014, GA4027, GA4029, GA4004, GA4032, GA4016, GA4028

GA4025, GA4031, GA4033, GA4026, GA4034, GA4030