Product Description

Preliminary-zone A# is made of 6063-T5 aluminum alloy.(Standard: GB5237.3.2004).
Thickness:20mm.Stainless steel chains and hexangular screws hinge aluminum bases together that enable long-lasting product life.The wipers scrape dust,dirt and moisture effectively.
Durable wipers are moistureproof,noiseproof,slip-resistant,heat-resistant,cold-resistant,anti-corrosive and anti-static.
Flexible steel chains enable you to roll it up easily and is convenient for maintenance.
Installed in grooves leads to better performance and is safer.
Various wiper materials and colors are available.Stylish appearance is eye-catching opens a positive image of your company.
Available for hotels,restaurants,hospitals,commercial complexes,airdromes,ports,super markets,banks and other high-traffic areas