Product Description

LG Hausys Medistep UNSTUDIO


  1. Design of the competitiveness of space and other characteristics of the design and use of color healing therapy
  2. Surface stain resistance + iodine resistance
  3. High-density PUR surface treatment with stain resistance and resistance to iodine
  4. Abrasion resistance and dimensional stability
  5. Excellent abrasion resistance and temperature change Dimensional stability

Roll Size: Width 2 meter

Thickness: 2.0mm

Roll Length: 20 meter



Models Are:

UN26111      UN26112      UN26113      UN26121      UN26122      UN26123      UN26131      UN26132      UN26133      UN26141      UN26142      UN26143      UN25913      UN25912      UN25911      UN25922      UN25923      UN25921      UN25933      UN25932      UN25931      UN25943      UN25942      UN25941      UN26013      UN26012      UN26011      UN26023      UN26022      UN26021      UN26033      UN26032      UN26031      UN26143      UN26142      UN26141      UN25707      UN25702      UN25701      UN25703      UN25704      UN25708      UN25705      UN25706