Product Description

Armstrong COLORWIN

  • Equipped with UV-cured polyurethane coating
  • A ripple design for a comfortable indoor environment
  • Low VOC emission and complies to REACH
  • 17 relax colors
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance

Roll Size: 2m x 15/20m, thickness 2.0mm

Armstrong-COLORWIN1 Armstrong-COLORWIN2

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K6152-14, K6152-16, K6152-03, K6152-17, K6152-01, K6152-13, K6152-04, K6152-12, K6152-09, K6152-10, K6152-15, K6152-07, K6152-08, K6152-02, K6152-11, K6152-05, K6152-06

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