Product Description

Armstrong Armalon NG

Armstrong Armalon NG is a value engineered floor with an uncomplicated visual. The homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring construction is very durable. Armstrong developed this floor for areas requiring economical homogeneous performance.

  • Homogeneous formulation for strong and tough performance.
  • Very good resilience and resistance to indentation and rolling rolls.
  • With a Fast Start finish that helps protect the surface against soiling during installation.
  • Application: Education, health care, light industrial and general commercial.
  • Manufactured in Australia

Roll Size:

  1. Black: 1.2m x 17m, thickness 2.5mm
  2. Black: 1.2m x 20m, thickness 2.0mm
  3. Colours: 1.83m x 20m, thickness 2.0mm


Please note:

Colours illustrated are matched as closely as possible. Variation from sample may appear.